Most frequent questions and answers

It’s very easy to get your online quotation.
Just follow these steps:
1- Enter your car’s make, model and year
2- Enter your location to get the closest workshop to you
3- Enter the service you require to make sure you get what you are specifically looking for

You can select pick up/drop off option which in-cures additional charges.

Yes. You can cancel your booking by contacting your selected service provider. Please note your booking fee is non-refundable.

All warranty’s are subject to the service providers policies.

When making a booking on carcarefinder.com you will pay a 15% booking fee. The remaining balance is to be paid to the service provider once your service is completed.

Once you’ve confirmed your booking on carcarefinder.com you will be directed to the service provider to schedule your booking.

The booking is valid for 30 days from the selected date of the booking.

You are open to select as many services as you wish.

This is completely fine. Bookings can be booked individually.

Tax is paid on checkout.

Tax is calculated on the regional tax rates.

Please see Terms & Conditions of our website.

Please check the ratings of each workshop before continuing to book a service.

Please see Terms & Conditions of our website.

After the booking is made and confirmed then you are able to contact the workshop directly with your booking reference number.

Please contact the service provider to reschedule.

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